Our Story

Cocova’s mission is simple….

To serve Cocoholics with all natural, single origin, high quality chocolates.

It all began when 2 chocolate lovers, Euniece and Jinli, had grown tired of the overly sweet & bland chocolate drinks in the market. They noticed a gap and decided to create a healthier & tastier alternative to satisfy their hot chocolate cravings.

Taking the plunge, they quit their corporate jobs & dived head first into their passion. They began by speaking to farmers and manufacturers, sourcing various cacao beans from around the region. They subjected their family & friends to endless taste tests to ensure that their chocolate drink achieved the quality that they themselves as chocolate fanatics desired.

After months of planning and researching in their home kitchen, they were finally ready to launch Cocova’s first product – Dark Chocolate Buttons. Originally meant to be melted down into a beverage, they quickly discovered that the buttons were also perfect for snacking and baking. Fast forward to today, Cocova is serving Cocoholics with a range of buttons, drinks, and snacks, with bigger plans on its way!

Cocova’s journey has just begun, and the vision stays strong – to build a community of Cocoholics who love and appreciate the native flavors of cacao.