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Dairy free, natural dark chocolate snacks & drinks

Cocova’s mission is simple…. To serve Cocoholics with high
quality, all natural dark chocolate snacks & drinks.

Tired of artificial, overly sweet chocolates that leave your taste buds unsatisfied?

From our signature chilled dark chocolate drinks to addictive chocolate coated nuts, all Cocova products are low in sugar and perfect for the health-conscious snacker.

Indulge guilt-free and share the chocolate love with your friends and family too!

Girl in Red dress Stirring Cocova Hot Chocolate in Pink Cup

Perfect Cup of Hot Chocolate

Artisanal dark chocolate buttons for the perfect cup of hot chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Coated Nuts

Snack guilt-free with our healthy vegan-friendly dark chocolate coated nuts.

Wacky Almo_Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds Single Origin Chocolate - Malaysia Artisanal Dark Chocolates
Curious Steep_Chilled Dark Chocolate Drink Single Origin Chocolate - Malaysia Artisanal Dark Chocolates

Signature Cold-Steeped Chocolate

Satisfy your thirst with our signature cold-steeped chocolate drinks. Trust us, one will not be enough.

Gift Sets for Every Occasion

Beautiful gift sets perfect for every occasion.


Our team who gotten this gift sets were happy with the quality of the mug and especially delightful upon seeing their names on the mugs. The packaging were extremely good and the delivery was handled well too.


Being a chocolate lover, Cocova chocolates definitely satisfy my cravings. Best of all their chocolates are natural without those ingredients normally found in commercial chocolates and is suitable for vegans or those who are health conscious. The chocolates have a nice texture & unique flavours from cocoa beans sourced from different countries!

Siu Ming

I love the richness of the Cocova variants, every cup is absolutely delicious and to be savoured. Imported drinking chocolates are simply too expensive to buy regularly, so I was very happy to have found Cocova, which is reasonably priced for quite a premium-standard chocolate product. Am a big fan and hope to see continued success for this local brand.


Great chocolate taste, varying from smooth and creamy to rich dark goodness. And the chocolate buttons serve as a handy snack too in a pinch!


Gave the drinks a try recently after hearing so much rave reviews. Bought the 6 bottle pack to share with my wife and 6 year old daughter. At first my daughter was reluctant but after 1 sip she finished up HAPPY all on her own. Refused to share haha! Wife liked the Dark Choc version and i love the CURIOUS flavour. Will definitely recommend to anyone who loves chocolate and am going to try the other stuff available too!

Finding Faith

Cocova’s Playful Peca is definitely my favourite! However, it is not heavily highlighted on their website. Their chocolate is very smooth, flavourful, nice textures, not sweet, nuts are fresh – packs a punch in short. On the other hand, I secretly hope that Playful Peca doesn’t get too much attention so that Cocova doesn’t run out of stock when I want to order next 🤣 I’ve made a few orders through Cocova’s website. The process is really quick and simple. One of the founders – Jinli has been very helpful with expediting the delivery process. Will definitely return!


I’m not a big fan of chocolate drink but this curious chocolate is absolutely delicious! So yummy I can drink it for breakfast lunch and dinner 😅 Will definitely buy more to stock up my fridge ❤️


Delicious chocolate, fast delivery, friendly and personal service. Great to support a Malaysian company. We tried the dark chocolate with almonds and hazelnut- both were really good.


The best local chocolate brand! Love the team’s dedication in sourcing wonderful range from the region and serving us quality of chocolates that is both sustainable and delicious! The buttons selections have so much characteristics in taste. Vegans you can totally melt it and add water without sacrificing on its creaminess. Thanks Jinli for creating this wonderful brand and serving us awesomeness!!!

Likhim Siow


Proudly selected as one of the Malaysian souvenirs for delegates of the APEC 2020 Summit.